6: Playing Audio


6.1 Playing Music


Playing Music is an important function of the UMP, and there are a number of practical functions that have been implemented in this device, which are not directly apparent.


Before getting started with the Music section of the device, please note that this device has absolutely no DRM or DRM-bypassing mechanisms. This means that protected music may not play exported from applications like Windows Media Player or iTunes.



In the Music Menu choose the location where your audio files are located, and play an audio file by highlighting it and pressing the Enter button on the remote control (UMP-R-1XX). This opens a new screen, referred to as the Audio Player.


Like most other media sections of the UMP-OSD, the Clipboard function is available, which allows you to move or copy files and directories locally or to and from the network.


At the top of each directory you will find an additional entry labeled Random playlist. This has the same function as selecting the directory and choosing Random Play all Items from the Action Menu.


When playing back audio files, the same controls apply as with video playback, with the exception that you can navigate forwards and backwards between tracks seamlessly with CH+ and CH- controls. The other major controls are identical, such as Play, Pause, Vol+, Vol-, Mute and Exit.




6.1 Playing Music (continued)


When you open the Music Menu from the Main Menu in the OSD you will see a number of options, which are explained below:


-         Music: This leads you to the Music share (/mnt/data/Music) where you can browse through the available files.


-         Downloads: This leads you to the Downloads share (/mnt/data/Downloads) where you can browse through the available files.


-         Network: This leads to the browseable Network.


-         Shoutcast Playlist: This is a static playlist with some selected radio stations from Shoutcast. You can re-generate this playlist by selecting Update Shoutcast Playlist in the Commands Menu.


-         Web Radio Playlist: This is a static playlist containing a few items. It is only meant for demonstrational and testing purposes. You can disable this item by removing its entry from AUDIO_ITEMS in the Web Interface under Settings -> Audio.


-         Playlists: This opens the Playlist Management screen.


-         Audio Podcast: This uses the ‘audio.apodcast’ Plugin.


-         Icecast: This uses the ‘audio.icecast’ Plugin.


-         Shoutcast Radio: This uses the ‘audio.shoutcast’ Plugin.


-         CD/DVD (no disc) / CD/DVD [XXX]: If an optical drive is connected, and the ROM drive plugin is loaded, the CD/DVD drive will be listed here. Without a disc inserted, it will display ‘(no disc)’ behind the drive name, otherwise the title of the disc is displayed.