8.2 Selecting RSS Feeds


As mentioned in the previous section, you can add almost any RSS source to the RSS client in the OSD, although there are a few feeds configured by default already.


Among others, there is an ‘UMP Updates’ feed. This provides information on any new entries in the UMP knowledgebase online, which includes news and documentation about Plugins, Updates, F.A.Qs, Specifications and Howtos. It is strongly recommended that you keep this feed in the listing, although it can be removed.


To add, edit or remove RSS sources, access the Web Interface and navigate to Settings -> All -> Other -> HEADLINES_ITEMS. Here you will see the list of sources or channels in the Headlines Menu. The default items are listed below:



('UMP Updates',



('BBC Weather',



















The UMP Updates RSS feed is also pre-configured in the Web Browser.


After changing any of these settings, you will need to restart the OSD for the settings to take effect.