14.7 Reporting Bugs


The UMP/OS and accompanying components are subject to constant change, development and improvement, both by PelNet, but also by the respective original authors. As mentioned before, the documentation and source of these projects, libraries and other software is beyond the scope of the UMP development team, and in depth questions should be sent to the original authors in the case of unmodified components. All components bearing the PelNet logo in the application themselves are either published by PelNet or are heavily customized which mean the original author of the code may not be aware of its new functionality. At the time of this writing this includes, but is not necessarily limited to:


-         UMP-OSD (and related services, e.g. Recordserver, Encodingserver, etc)

-         UMP Samba Client

-         UMP ResTool

-         UMP Web Interface

-         UMP BIOS


When reporting bugs or problems with the device or its applications, it is vital to include all relevant information. Please note that incomplete support requests or bugs reports will be ignored and/or disregarded. Make sure that you include the following information when filing reports and requests:


-         Serial number of the device

-         Installed packages and/or additional software (if any)

-         List of hardware modifications/additions (if any)

-         Nature of problem including the fact whether it’s consistent

-         Any relevant information regarding the circumstances, conditions or possible cause of the problem being reported


PelNet is prepared to investigate any comprehensive problem report, though if the conditions required to provoke the error cannot be reproduced by conventional means, resolving the issue may be delayed.


Confirm that you have checked the online UMP knowledgebase and the problem is not listed before contacting support. If the knowledgebase contains any relevant FAQs you can add a comment, which will be replied to. In case the issue is not listed, you can send an email to the email address for the applicable language:


ump-support_en@pelnet.eu                              English

ump-support_nl@pelnet.eu                               Dutch

ump-support_de@pelnet.eu                              German